WB17 (PHP) Simple TCP Socket Client

Startbeitrag von Marijan Tomasic am 15.11.2012 11:30


I'm trying to make simple PHP WEBPAGE tcp socket client, using WB. (Simple TCP socket client like Hercules Utility)
I did similar task using WD window, and now trying with WB page, but have not result.

Here is what I want: picture
Here is WB17 source code (PAGE_WebSocketClient.wwh).

Is there somebody experienced with sockets, who could fill in code in my examlple to make it work, or to help me with some advice?
I have no idea how to simulate second thread for SocketRead function, as explained in WD examples..
I did not found such example in WB online help. There is only example for WD (Using Sockets).

I'm using Hercules Utility for testing (It is only exe file, no need for install), as a tcp socket server.
Here is Description of Hercules Utility

Thank you!


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