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WM 17 Android generation error

Startbeitrag von Mauricio am 21.11.2012 14:37

I'm trying to compile a simple Android application. However, at the end of the process, I get an error: "System error message:
The system cannot find the file specified." and nothing is generated.
What am I missing here? Any idea?
Thanks in advance.


P.S: the same result with the examples.


Hallo Mauricia

You must make sure you have the Android SDK installed and the version must be the same as the version you selected in the 'Generate the Android Application' wizard.

Check this page: http://doc.pcsoft.fr/en-US/?9000042


Ericus Steyn

von Ericus - am 21.11.2012 17:20
Hi, I solved the problem. You have to control the path of Android SDK. I suggest you download android ATD BLUNDE FOR WINDOWS and specify the path to the SDK you just downloaded

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von Maurizio Martinez.pcs.crosspost - am 26.11.2012 09:56
Hi, I have the same problem. After installing eclipse my version of WM17 fails. Before it worked perfectly. I sent a message to PCSoft. Did you have the same problem? I tried reinstalling jdk and android sdk but I have not solved the problem

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von Maurizio Martinez.pcs.crosspost - am 26.11.2012 09:57
look at this post hope help you!


von Cesar Flores - am 27.11.2012 23:00
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