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WD17 Un-Tab a control

Startbeitrag von Pragma Tix am 29.11.2012 17:10

One of the things I have to solve before releasing my tabbed window - dockable panes manager is: I have to "Untab" a control at runtime.
A Control / Control-Template,Internal window can belong to a Tab-Pane. Now I want to invalidate this "binding" .. at runtime
A MyControl..TabPanel = Null // or 0 does not exist. Any ideas ?
In case that this is mission impossible I have to create my own Tab Control, indeed not that problematic, (except for respecting GUI templates) ... But I hope that I don't have to create 'em 'cause this will break a lot of existing code and will require a lot of additional work.

Feedback welcome,


Maybe ..
//Disassociate from Tab, move handler to main window/Target DockPanel
res = API( "user32", "SetParent", hwndTab, hwndTargetDockWin)

But due to fact that none of us "plain vanilla" developers have an Windev GUI insight , this can be problematic.. Will see..
However, I hope there is a GUI champion, willing to help.

von Pragma Tix - am 29.11.2012 18:15

setting the control invisible ?
or remove the control with controldelete ?

von Bart VDE - am 30.11.2012 15:37

as far as I know, this is not possible... But before there was tabs, there was panes, and the tabs were simulated using them... and it is possible to assign a pane at runtine...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.12.2012 04:31
Thanks for the feedback.
1) The windows API does not help in this case.
2) A simple controldelete() makes no sense at all.
However, due to this limitations I was forced to rethink and to find another (smarter) way to implement window docking.
.....I am quit happy with the results.. For those who are interested.. Stay tuned.


von Pragma Tix - am 02.12.2012 17:18
I came across this post talking about tabs as well. There is also a demo project. It looks like this guy draws his own tabs to simulate a tabcontrol.
Maybe it can be of any help. At first I got some errors (WD17 is more strict), but it is running now. Although I don't see any tabs???? But I am out of time atm for things like this.

It also contains a lot of API stuff, which may be interesting.


von Arie - am 03.12.2012 08:20
Thanks Arie,
Eclipse syled Tabs, Yummie.
I will have a look, guess I can make it work.. will keep you informed.


von Pragma Tix - am 03.12.2012 09:23
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