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Import xml to SQL Server via comand Windev

Startbeitrag von Jeremias am 30.09.2008 14:58


I need to import XML data to SQL Server2005.
What line of code windev can use for that?


Hi Jeremias,

Recently I had to make bulk inserts into a Sql Server 2005 database, I did this using the bcp command (launched automatically by the WinDev app). Afaik, bcp is able to parse XML files and insert data (you will have to use a format file + a data file). You will find more info on µsoft web site, or here : http://www.mssqltips.com/tip.asp?tip=1060


Michel Fages

von Michel Fages - am 30.09.2008 15:36
Check HImportXML
I din't test it with olebd but with nativeaccess it works.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 30.09.2008 15:58
Guys, Thank so much

Best Regards from Brazil

von Jeremias - am 30.09.2008 16:42
Please, can you explain to us how we can lauch bcp command in windev?

thank you!!!

von Ricardo - am 30.09.2008 18:19

Here is a part of the code which launches the BCP command :
lc_FormatFile = ".\pp1tprd.xml"
lc_DataFile = ".\pp1tprd.dat"
lc_ErrorFile = ".\pp1tprd.err"

lc_bcpCommand = StringBuild("bcp %1.PP1_SCHEMA1.PP1TPRD in ""%2"" -f ""%3"" -S %4 -U %5 -P %6 -h ""ROWS_PER_BATCH = 10000"" -e ""%7""", Base1, lc_DataFile, lc_FormatFile, Server1, User1, Password1, lc_ErrorFile)

IF NOT ExeRun(lc_bcpCommand, exeActive, True) THEN Error(ErrorInfo())


You find find informations about the content of the data and format files on µsoft's web site.

Michel Fages

von Michel Fages - am 01.10.2008 08:45
HImportXML works with OLE DB. I used it on several instances without any issues. I wont say its efficient (Larger chunks takes time), but it never failed me so far.

von Ben - am 01.10.2008 08:57
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