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MapControl vs. geoRunApp

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 30.12.2012 20:36

Greetings All,

I have some code that is supposed to display the map of an airport (either JFK or EWR) and then add two markers to it.

When I run the following code, I see the map correctly centered on either JFK or EWR. I think I am looking at the native mapping application started by the command geoRunApp.

But I do NOT see the markers.

When I press the back up button on the device, instead of going back to the calling window, it seems to be displaying my map control "MAP_FT_MAP" and it says Google in the lower left corner.

And here I DO see the two markers.

But I don't see a map. I just see a grid.

I have tried this without using geoRunApp but I always end up with a grid and no map.

Below is the code that I am currently using...

Any guidance will really be appreciated.

Thanks!! Paul

// Delete all the markers from the control

// Returns the point of the map corresponding to the current position of the user
MyPosition is géoPosition

IF gsAirport = "JFK" THEN
MyPosition..Latitude = grVAA_JFK_LAT
MyPosition..Longitude = grVAA_JFK_LONG
ELSE IF gsAirport = "EWR" THEN
MyPosition..Latitude = grVAA_EWR_LAT
MyPosition..Longitude = grVAA_EWR_LONG

IF ErrorOccurred = False THEN

MyMarker is Marker
MyMarker..Position = MyPosition

CarPosition is géoPosition
CarPosition..Latitude = 40.64370
CarPosition..Latitude = -73.78420
CarMarker is Marker
CarMarker..Position = CarPosition
CarMarker..Image = "1234.png"


MapDisplayPosition(MAP_FT_Map, MyPosition)


Paul, you already read this post some time ago.
It looks like the same problem to me
Maybe you can play around a bit with the api-key?

von Arie - am 31.12.2012 10:13
Thanks, Arie!!

I figured that there was a problem with my API key. So I signed up for a V2 API key. Maybe it the release key. You something about signing the app with a release key and not a development key. I will check into that.


von Paul Murray - am 31.12.2012 17:15
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