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Data Entry Table - why is it so hard?

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 01.10.2008 22:54

More hassles using a table for data entry I'm afraid! I have what I would have thought is a fairly standard invoice detail table. The first few columns are LineType (either stock, income or text) set as a combo, Code as a text field (content varies according to the linetype), Lookup as an image and Description as text. I have validation code set in RowExit.
When I click on Lookup it runs the RowExit code before taking the required action. Why?? I could understand it to a certain extent (although it's certainly not the behaviour I want) if my image code was actually calling my lookup but for testing purposes I have it set to just populate the Code & Description with some dummy data. It still runs the RowExit code first. I know I could set global variables or put the table in a class to bypass my validation code but I don't understand why this should be necessary. Is this how it's meant to be or is it something I've done?



Hello David

I share your frustration in trying to get tables to function efficiently for data entry.
We have given up on trying to get combo boxes to run because when you move to the next line they go blank when they should continue to display the selected data. We actually use popups in the exit code when we should be able to run combo boxes. In practice the popups work ok and in some cases are better than a combo box.

However to return to your question. We also have an invoice entry process in a table. We have two forms, one setup for text invoices and the other for item entry. In both cases the only code we have in the row exit is a calc process to multiply qty * rate and work out the GST. All our validations are done in the column exits and this works ok for us.

This is the code in the column validation for our stock column

IF NoSpace(MySelf) ""
IF HFound(Stock) THEN
//do lots of stuff
//run a popup to show stock items because we can't get the combobox to work
OpenPopupPosition(ST_StockPopUp,poAccordingToControl,IT_STOCKCODE, NoSpace(MySelf))


von Al - am 02.10.2008 03:02
Hi David,

the row exit code is triggered whenever you move to a column that isn't accessible, for example grayed. I wouldn't consider this a normal behaviour. In the few cases I used table entry, the extra work to get it to work properly was worthwhile because it allows to speed up certain input jobs.


von mat - am 05.10.2008 15:10
Hi Al,

I assume you are referring to memory tables and/or combos. I found that browsing tables based on a query and table combos based equally on a query were the solutions to my problems with combos and checkboxes in a table.


von mat - am 06.10.2008 12:59
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