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[WD17] More problems with the code editor

Startbeitrag von Al am 01.01.2013 03:17

Hello All

Another problem with the code editor, one that sometimes occured in V16 but is now happening more often in V17.
I am more convinced than ever that the issues are mainly related to large projects as no-one else seems to be having these issues.

The current problem occurs when editing in the application project code.
Mine is nearly 3kb and has nearly 3000 lines of code and comments.

If I try to paste/insert code into the existing code, the editor displays an impact study window that states that I am deleting many lines of code, when I am not. The lines of code it indicates are being deleted are immediately below the insertion point.
Clearly the editor is not capable of making enough space to insert the additional lines and is trying to delete lines to make room. It does this even if I press enter a few times to make space for the insertion.

I shall try and move some of the code out of the project code.

When the impact study finishes I can close it but it is most worrying as to what is really going one. One needs to have total confidence in the IDE and the editors.



Hi Al,

I have had similar quirky issues in other products where I had my project on a network drive. I don't know if it is a trust issue or something to do with simply having it on a server where other people are using the resources.

I have since moved my projects to the local c:\ drive and I use a source control product to save my code in the event that my c: drive fails.

I am sure you don't have all 3,000 lines of code open at any given time. But maybe time to think about moving code to other procedures that are called as to minimize the amount of code open at any given time. It may also be a memory issue.

Just my two cents.



von Paul Murray - am 01.01.2013 03:38
Hello Paul

Thanks for the response. The project and all the code are local on my drive C:
All Windev projects have a specific blcok of code in the project init. The code is the first that is accessed and the entire code block is opened in the editor, so in my case all 3000 lines are in the editor.

I am well within all the published limits of Windev but I tried pruning the size back and moved some code into procedures and got it down to just over 2000 but the problem persisted.

I think the editor/impact study relationship process is just broken.

As a side issue, trying to work out the actual line numbers, highlighted another issue with the code editor. I run my editor with the font size at 14 and at that size the line numbers do not display any more than 2 digits in the left hand margin.

Given the amazing things that the PCSoft programmers provide in Windev, I would think that a bug free text editor would be a snap, but at the moment, it seems to have been left behind in the rush towards each versions hundreds of new features.



von Al - am 01.01.2013 05:04

I would do two things...

1) Double your memory. It is cheap. I just purchased 8 gig of memory for my daughter's computer for $130.00.

2) Perhaps other than the default size is causing a problem with the editor. I use a 42" monitor to see what I want at a larger size. Admittedly, I can't see anything after I leave the computer, but it works great.

Happy New Year, Al!!


von Paul Murray - am 01.01.2013 06:47
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