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How to copy a popupmenu to another window

Startbeitrag von Frans am 08.01.2013 23:27

Hello to you all,

How can I copy a popupmenu to another window?
I know there is a simple answer but I couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance.


I don't believe you can copy a popup window.

I love the new popup windows, but struggled with the fact that they sort of break our ability to refactor code.

I have played with several different methods of having reusable popup windows. The method I am currently using is I create a control template, I don't have any controls on the control itself, but you can create a popup page for the control template, so by doing that I can drop that control template on multiple pages, and that same popup page is available on them.

I show this technique as part of this article http://www.thenextage.com/wordpress/the-cure-effect-how-the-cure-heading-on-thetaxcure-com-was-achieved-with-pure-wx-code/

I also did a wxlive.us webinar that for that article.

von Pete Halsted - am 09.01.2013 02:16
Hello Frans

You can't copy the complete menu, but you can copy the menu items with the usual copy and paste.
Create a popmenu on your new window with one blank item. Open the other window and copy and paste the menu elements from one menu to the other.


von Al - am 09.01.2013 15:21
I am sorry I miss read the question, I thought you were talking about the new Popup Windows, not menus.

But I have used a similar technique for Popup menus as well. I have a "standard" Popup menu I use for my edit in place browses. I have a control template with no controls on it, and I define a popup menu for that control template. Then I can drop that control template on any window and I have that popup menu defined.

von Pete Halsted - am 09.01.2013 16:16
Hello Frans,

Put a super control on you window with the popup menu. Attach the popup to the super control and copy & paste it to the new window.


von DW - am 09.01.2013 17:11
Are you using windev or webdev ?

In webdev I use tempelates. A page is based on the tempelate and can inherrit from the tempelate. So if in the tempelate is a popup, i inherrit the popup and have the popup availeble in that page. Then you can overload that popup to add other items then the original

The same can be done with a menu



von Allard - am 09.01.2013 18:00
Hello to you all,

Thanks for the answers. I use Windev17 and copied line by line.
Not 10 times faster but it works. Perhaps in the future there wil be a possibility to copy a popupmenu from one window to another.

von Frans - am 10.01.2013 19:29
Hello Frans,

It is possible, if a popupmenu is linked to any control on a window and you copy and paste that control to another window the popupwindow will be copied also.


von DW - am 10.01.2013 22:48

The trick worked

Hello DW,

Sorry that I overlooked your answer.
I knew that there was a trick but I couldn't remember/find it.
You are right: In the GUI pane you select the Popup menu; then copy it to the new window; run it and after that delete the control. The popupmenu stay in the new window.
Works perfect.

von Frans - am 14.01.2013 22:21
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