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WinDev Mobile 17 - Android - Platform - Size of Controls Based on Platform Size / DPI

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 13.01.2013 02:01

Greetings All,

I created an App using WDM17 for the Galaxy Tab 7. I am happy with results.

My client tried to order more of these units from Sprint and it turns out they are no longer available.

So my client purchased several of the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) and I now have to make the App work on this device.

Initial progress is good. I can deploy to the device. I changed the Description of the Platform to use the Galaxy Samsung Tab 2. This is a much larger device and I find that all of my controls are too small to be used on the device effectively. Right now I am doubling the height and width of the control and changing the font size from 7 to 14. This seems to work okay.

But I am stuck with the checkbox control. I can't figure out how to make the image of the checkbox control or the associated caption text larger.

I am currently using the pre-defined options for the Galaxy Samsung Tab 2 where the dpi is 160 dpi. Screen height is 1,280 and screen width is 800.

As a note, I tried deploying my original Galaxy Tab 7 to this device. I simply ended up with small windows in the upper right corner of the screen.

If someone can kindly let me know what options I might try to simplify the process of development on this device, I would certainly appreciate it. Having to resize every control and changing the font is a bit of a pain. But I can live with that.

I just can't live with a tiny checkbox control that people cannot even read on the screen.




As an add-on to this post, I got to my edit controls and find a problem there as well.

I can change the size of the edit controls. I can change the size of the font associated with the Caption for the edit control.

But when it comes to the size of the 'input' for the edit control I try to edit that and find that the controls are greyed out.

So the whole thing when deployed looks completely stupid.

I am using the edit controls as read-only for this particular application. So I 'could' just possibly use them for graphical effect and drop an STC control over them and populate the STC fields. Awful.

I put a request for help on both of these issues to PC-Soft and I will report back on what I learn.

Best to all, Paul

von Paul Murray - am 13.01.2013 06:26
How small is small.

Check boxes on the app I developed were approx 7-8mm square - not huge but there is a wealth of info on the web regarding what sizes should and should not be used, perhaps PCS have applied some form of compliance in their sizing.

Have you thought of applying anchors to the original G7 app to see how it looks - may save a bit of work and of course you cannot guarantee that someone will not open whatever you have on a smaller device.
Google are not so fussy but with Apple an app must be capable of running/displaying on all devices.

Personally I only use edit controls for, well editing, all other displays I use text although I do not understand why you cannot change the font of the input - another size contraint ???

Cannot get to my app at the moment but will have a look later and let you know what I can/cannot do.

von DerekT - am 13.01.2013 10:02
Thanks, Derek!!

How small? The check box on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is about half the size of my finger nail on my pinky. How is that for a technical description?

I like how the input fields look so that is why I am using them in readonly mode.

The size of the font now shown looks like 3 compared to the 14 point font in the caption.



von Paul Murray - am 13.01.2013 20:01

I received responses from PC-SOFT support.

For the issue regarding the input, it turns out I was trying to change the size of the input. They sent me a screenshot showing how to select the input 'text' where I can now change it to any size font. Great!!

As to the checkbox, I am told that these are native controls and there is little customization available. I guess I will learn to live with the small checkbox.


von Paul Murray - am 14.01.2013 18:21
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