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How to align a field directly under a Table column

Startbeitrag von Peter Donovan am 14.01.2013 23:28

I have a tax amount to display directly under a column which has a calculated sum.
I would like to be able to place a tax field directly under the column and have it move accordingly if the user changes the column position etc..
Anyone know how this is done?
Thanks in advance,
Peter Donovan


Hi Peter

you can follow this example


First instruction to make the same width as your column
second instruction to start at the same horizontal point

These two instructions need to be put in the events of the window like get focus and change size of the window.


von Ab ELFASSI - am 15.01.2013 00:16
Thanks Ab, I really appreciate your help.

A second question regarding this. Is it possible to adjust the width of the input area separately from the whole edit field size?
I would like to adjust the size of the input area, then the size of the caption.
Can this be done?
Best Regards,
Peter Donovan

von Peter Donovan - am 15.01.2013 00:35
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