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Update problem with wdmodfic

Startbeitrag von Bart VDE am 21.01.2013 09:49


Below an old topic from Eric Schwarz : I have this problem also with wdmodfic (WD8)
Is there already a solution or workaround for this problem ?



Update problem with wdmodfic


I am using wdmodfic to update files after analysis changing.

The modified files are then no longer accessible by a pc over

the network (message: unable to open the file)

Actually you cannot even copy them with the windows explorer.

You can see, that the owner of the file has changed, sometimes

to the logged in user of the pc where the modification took place,

sometimes you don't see any owner when 'looking' from another

computer in the network.

So there are no longer access rights on that files, although they

have been before.

Is there a possibility to tell wdmodfic to keep the same rights as before?



Hi Bart,

I never had this issue.

Maybe these tips can help you :
-Did you try to modfic your files localy?
-Maybe you should redo the sharing of your data directory

Kind regards,


von Joris - am 21.01.2013 13:11
Hi Bart.
I have same problem with my HF files. You have 2 solutions

1. After modification just ZIP and UNZIP files and files are again unlocked.
Why. 'Cause WDMODIFIC automaticaly lock files before modification but with some reason forget to unlock files.

2. Wx17 hase HModifyStru() function , so, you don't need WDMODIFIC to change structure. I use it after make connection to database. This function make all modifycations. Same like WDMODIFIC do.

Regards !

von ICI - am 21.01.2013 13:27

Thx for the suggestions.

Redo the sharing of the directory resolves the problem indeed, but I don't want everytime one of my customers installs an update, I have to redo the sharing of database directory.

Before I didn't had this problem, but I remember that I have recently added the -nobackup option to my wdmodifc command, and I think it's since then I have this problem, but I have to check it out if that's the case.

I will try zip/unzip for the moment, since I don't work with WD17.



von Bart VDE - am 21.01.2013 14:01
I cant find the HModifyStru() function ?

von Julio Cesar - am 01.12.2017 00:11
Hi Julio,

in fact, it's HModifyStructure(...)

von GuenterP - am 01.12.2017 06:34
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