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WD17 Component to .NET assembly witn COM availabillity

Startbeitrag von Bob Roos am 31.01.2013 03:04

Has anyone done this (or attempted it)? WD says it was completed, but OLEView doesn't like the DLL and won't display any information about it because of a MK_E_INVALIDEXTENSION error.

The COM browser for PowerBasic says the DLL contains no type library and won't open the file.

Should it contain a type library (whatever that is) or is that something that is separate? Is that related to the invalid extension?

I finally saw where to find the GUIDs for the classes.

I can't register the DLL because Regsvr32 complains that DllRegisterServer entry point is not found.

I also don't know about Strong Names and if I need to have my own .snk file and if that has any relevance to my problem.

In short I need HELP! thanks

Bob Roos



If it is a .NET dll with Com visibility, then you need to use regasm.exe from the .NET framework to register this DLL, not Regsvr32. Once registration is completed, you should be able to use this .NET (COM) DLL with any programs that support com/ocx libs.

Can't remember the exact parameters, but I think it is something like this:

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAsm "your assembly.dll" /codebase /tlb:"your assembly.tlb"

Hope this helps

von Danny Lauwers - am 31.01.2013 22:21
Danny Lauwers

If it is a .NET dll with Com visibility, then you need to use regasm.exe from the .NET framework to register this DLL, not Regsvr32....

Hope this helps



That helps tremendously. The parms for regasm display when you run it with no parms. I can now use OLEView to display the type lib

I will ask PCSoft to include that step as part of their instructions. That has been the biggest problem with COM in WD -- lack of thorough instructions.

The notification to this went into my spam bucket so I almost missed it..

Thanks again.

Bob Roos

von Bob Roos - am 01.02.2013 15:37
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