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3D graphics, can they be drawn in WinDev

Startbeitrag von CS am 02.02.2013 00:04

Hi all

I have a need to draw a 3-dimensional shape (a spectacle lens) and also to be able to rotate it with the mouse to view it from different angles.

Does anyone know if anything like this is even possible in WinDev and how I might go about starting!

Any help appreciated from the forum




Hi Chris

directly no (it would be too slow), but I know that there is an example out there of using OpenGL to do this kind of things in windev (maybe in the pcsoft example depot)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 02.02.2013 01:21

Many thanks, I will take a look at OpenGL


von CS - am 02.02.2013 08:33
Best person to ask would be Patrice Terrier (ZapSolutions)

He has done quite a few graphic demos shown on here

von DerekT - am 02.02.2013 10:48
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