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WebDev for Sale?

Startbeitrag von Robin Lane am 03.02.2013 21:16

Hi there,

I am looking to buy a copy of WebDev if there are any for sale.

For about three years or so I worked for a company in France and used all of PCSofts products. I have subsequently left this company and as such do not have access to their dongles.

While I was working with my old company I had started writing a Web app for a UK charity and had got as far as a beta version which I demo'd for them using a free trial with Kalanda. The charity now wish me to carry on developing the web site for them, and have requested a number of changes.

This I cannot do without a WebDev dongle. The site was developed using WebDev v12, and I was wondering if anyone had one for sale?

It would be very much appreciated if someone could help me out. Since I am not being paid for this development I cannot afford to buy it new, but a version 12 dongle (or newer I suppose) I would be interested in.

Many thanks




Search the forum. I believe some time ago someone wanted to sell.

von Allard - am 04.02.2013 10:46
Hi Allard,

I did have a quick look before posting my request but didn't notice anything reasonably recent, but thanks for the heads-up & I'll go and have another peek.

I guess that I was hoping that someone might just know of an older unused dongle (ideally V12) that was hiding away in a drawer somewhere unloved. I would of course give it a good home & look after it well :)

I shall have a look further back in the older posts.



von Robin Lane - am 04.02.2013 16:59
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