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Hide or Close Android Keyboard

Startbeitrag von Geoff B am 15.02.2013 03:29

How can I hide or close an Android keyboard?

I have two planes, on the first plane is an edit control, on the second plane is a looper.

When I display the second plane without any input into the edit control on the first plane, the keyboard opens.

If the edit control on the first plane is accessed and the keyboard is closed by the user the keyboard doesn't open on the second plane!


Hi Geoff,
I faced the same problem more or less. Thing is that this edit-control is the first control on your tab order. Which you can't (or don't like to) change, because the user has to go back and forward using tab/enter.

I now use a dummy control and make it 1x1 pixels somewhere in the corner (I tried placing it of screen, but then it doesn't seem to do the trick) and make this one the first control in a window/plane.
Then the user needs to explicitly tap into the edit control.

This dummy control is a checkbox. I don't know why, can't remember the reason for it anymore....

von Arie - am 15.02.2013 08:04
Hi Arie,

Yeah I tried that after I saw it suggested in another post but it didn't help. (Checkboxes don't need the keyboard is the reason for choosing that type of control I guess?)

I put the checkbox as the first control on the second plane, is that where you think it should go? Anyway, it never seemed to be selected there?

von Geoff B - am 15.02.2013 10:56
Checkboxes don't need the keyboard is the reason for choosing that type of control I guess?

Yes indeed!

I also used this back in WM16. Not sure if this is still the way in 17.

You say you use planes. Which mean you control the "switching"?
Then maybe ScreenFirst will work, to put the focus on this dummy control.

von Arie - am 15.02.2013 19:14
Thanks Arie,

I think ScreenFirst might have been the trick needed, because now the keyboard stays closed!

Actually, I just deleted the checkbox, not needed.


IF ControlCurrent() LOOP_Associations THEN ScreenFirst(LOOP_Associations)

... in the ChangePlane procedure was enough to keep the keyboard closed.

von Geoff B - am 18.02.2013 01:12
Hi. I've had a problem like this [WM 17].

To show the android keyboard: SIPvisible(true).
To hide it whenever change plane: SIPvisible(false).
To show it again in the editbox you want: SIPvisible(true) in left button down event.


von RAUL2 - am 07.09.2013 02:00
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