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How do I display Database Files

Startbeitrag von Clarion Ghost am 01.03.2013 10:07


When developing with WebDev to view data one first displays the Project Analysis and then right click the relevant Data File selecting 'Edit the Data File with WDMap'.

How would I view and manipulate data files on line?

Many Thanks


Hello Ian

If I understand correctly, you are asking how to access a remote DB (sitting on a web server) froml your development environment...

it depends of the type of DB, of course, and of the rights that you have or not to access the DB remotely...

By example, if you go in the tool menu of webdev (not in the analysis), the first line if HyperfileSQL control center... In this you can connect to a distant or local HF C/S, third party DB, and so on...

But to access a remote DB, this DB needs to be configured for that, and some port (depending on which DB) opn in all firewalls, which means it's not always allowed...

You can also take control of the web server remotely and use a local tool (hyperfile control center, that you installed with hyperfile and the webdev server) to access the now local DB

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.03.2013 20:11
Have you tried creating a Looper control or a table control on your page? I know in WinDev the way to display the contents of a table is done with those two controls. I have not used WebDev yet, but I would imagine it is the same concept.

With either of these controls, you can display the data, edit the data, delete or add. A looper allows you to view one element at a time where as a table control shows the entire table.

Hope this helps

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von Kevin PONTE ( iMiH G).pcs.crosspost - am 04.03.2013 07:44
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