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HF Server on Linux

Startbeitrag von ICI am 02.03.2013 09:08


Thank you for your PDF tutorial about HF Server on Linux. You need few changes with screen order but it is ok if we slowly translating, reading and trying.

Problem is with installation of HF Server. I am try with your tutorial on UBUNTU and SUSE. Same situation. You can see picture .


Hi ICI, is there any problem? Which one exactly? Regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 02.03.2013 09:50
You can see on picture.
Simply, HF installation was not started. Everything before was ok. I'm do all steps until this to start HF server installation and get this message on picture. You can see I am try few times.

Regards !

von ICI - am 02.03.2013 10:35

i'm responsible for the HF on Linux manual... ;) atm there is no time to translate the manual.... sorry

let's see, a segmentation fault, seems to be a problem with the execution of the file... So my first guess, your Linux OS is a 64-bit system??? if not you need to install the 32 bit installation.


If it is a 64 bit system, please try chmod +x manta_install64.txt which adds "executable" to the file additional to 777 rights.

btw. I uploaded the newest version of HF client/server.

Alexander Predl

von Alexander Predl - am 02.03.2013 20:08
Yes Alexander
I am, like is in your manual, use x64 for all installations, but, in manual there is no +x .
All Linux version in your manual work with x64, so I am use it.

Thank you for your explanation 'cause I don't know nothing about Linux and I am totaly newby with that OS.

Regards !

von ICI - am 03.03.2013 09:14
Hi Mr. Predl !
Same situation. It does not start.
Again "segmentation fault". Khm.

Never mind. I will try to install again after few months. Maybe it will work then. :)

von ICI - am 05.03.2013 21:50
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