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Require hosting service.

Startbeitrag von Milind Lokare am 04.03.2013 12:32


Please suggest good hosting service providers for website developed in WEBDEV.


Milind Lokare



They have a thing called cloudbox.

Its 10 euro and 15 for windows 2008

von Allard - am 08.03.2013 14:07
Thanks - Will look into it

von Milind Lokare - am 09.03.2013 09:28
- www.agom.net
- small structure with reasonable pricing and good support
- also reasonable priced VPS (Virtual Private Server) offerings


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 11.03.2013 09:12
I am a user hosted at versio.nl and I want to warn that hosting packages have a limited number of connections, and the limit is very low (at my request on the number of allowed connections they did not want to answer). To check, I personally few times caused a blockade of my web server when I simultaneously opening several (4-5) wordpress control panel page. When a server registers multiple simultaneous connections from the same IP address, put the IP address on the blacklist, and it remains blocked until you contact customer service to unblock that specific IP.

I discovered it by accident, when some users complained to me that they can not open a web page, while I had no problem opening a web page from my IP address. At first I thought that they have a problem on their computer or network.

So you're in a situation that you can not know how many IP addresses can not access your server, nor you are able to prevent your blacklist grows without your knowledge, unless the visitor does report the IP address from which he unsuccessfully tried to open the web.

Best Reagards,
Marijan Tomasic

von Marijan Tomasic - am 27.09.2013 06:25


von Milind Lokare - am 27.09.2013 07:09
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