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Windows environment: error Networkuser() function not allowed in Linux ?

Startbeitrag von Stef.pcs.crosspost am 08.03.2013 08:11


Another issue when migrating a project from WinDev 17 to WebDev 17. The debugger refuses the function NetworkUser() stating that it is not allowed in Linux ???
I am working in a 100 % Windows environment though.

Anyone knows how to fix this ?


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I forgot to add that I checked in the help pages where it is indicated that this function should work in WebDev server processes. My code is in a serverprocess though.

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von Stef.pcs.crosspost - am 08.03.2013 08:23
Hi Stef,

Many things need a completely different approach in a web based application.
Remember that in Webdev there are two "environments" one in the browser and one on the server. So NetworkUser unlike in Windev will only return the current user on the server. Which is the name of the system user that runs the webserver service.
On a Linux server this command probably does not work. Knowing the name of the system user is of no use to you anyway.
You will never be able to find out the network user on the local machine.

Instead of the nerkwork user you need to switch to a login name to identify your users. Or use the users IP, but this will be the same for users that connect from a local network.


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von PietvanZ.pcs.crosspost - am 08.03.2013 10:34
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