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Controls on Tab show on other Tabs

Startbeitrag von Paul Ziegler am 12.10.2008 13:54

I have a Tab control. Some of the Edit controls that I put on one of the Tabs either bleed through to other tabs or simply show up on the other tabs also. I checked that the Plane is set to none for all of them. Any help is appreciated.

Paul Ziegler
Private Advantage Software


Hello Paul

The plane attribute does not control which tab an edit control appears on, although it would appear to be so from the control editor. This is actually a deficiency in the control editor, as it does not offer access to change the tab number but only for a plane number.

The option to set the tab number is only available by right clicking on a control, you will see there is an option to "Associate with a Tab" and you can select the appropriate tab.


von Al - am 12.10.2008 14:52
Thanks for the reply. That works.

Paul Ziegler

von Paul Ziegler - am 12.10.2008 15:03
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