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WebDev Administrator fails to start error 13 out of memory

Startbeitrag von Stef.pcs.crosspost am 14.03.2013 13:03

Hi All,

After having fixed the issue with a Windows update (W7 pro) messing up the drivers for the WebDev dongle I am now faced with a new problem: I can no longer run any web site in test mode because WebDev17 first tries to start the WD170Admin.exe, which errors out with an error 13 "Insufficient memory". Which is utterly rediculous on the machine I am using.

Anyone has expierience with this error / behaviour ?


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By the way, starting the WD17Admin.exe directly form C:\WebDev 17\Programs\Engine\Windows also generates the "Insufficient memory" error, both while WebDev 17 is running and while it is not running.

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von Stef.pcs.crosspost - am 14.03.2013 13:04
What machines specs?

Have you tried reinstalling the ide again or maybe set the exe in question into some sort of compatibility mode. Have you also checked things like the swap file has not be switched off after the update?

von RichardRose - am 21.03.2013 22:46
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