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Windev 18 English - Target Release Date?

Startbeitrag von Scott Daughtry am 14.03.2013 14:02

Any rumors floating around on a possible release date for WD18 English language? Is there a general opinion about the WD18 French version (e.g. extremely buggy; new components unusable; breaks existing apps; compiled apps run slower?)


Hi Scott

as stated in the several previous posts on the subject, english version can arrive any time from march to june, based on previous years. PCSoft's target seems to be april, but IMHO, do NOT hold your breath.

As for the french version, at this point I try to avoid it as much as possible, but if what I see on the french forums is representative:
- lots of NEW feature are still not there
- those who are are still quite buggy
- pcsoft developers are scrambling to correct lots of bugs everywhere, and the fight is not over
- there are quite a fex complaint about regressions
- speed is NOT an issue

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.03.2013 14:08
any news of release date ? , usually they announce pre-order around this time

von ccc2 - am 05.04.2013 09:34
Let's hope they don't rush it this time, so that they can first fix all the idiotic bugs.


von Ola - am 05.04.2013 10:58
Hello All

As I have been saying for quite a few years now, it is time for a maintenance release.

I don't think any developer would object to PCSoft spending next year not working on ANY new features but spend the time consolidating what they have, improving the various editors and making our every day working lives better by improving the workings of the tools we use each and every day.
If V19 was a maintenance release I would imagine that every developer would rush to update imediately.

At the moment I don't need any new features past what I have in V16, I have been unable to work in V17 so why on earth would I take a risk on more new problems and years old unresolved issues with V18 ?

The only reason to purchase V18 is to provide financial support to PCSoft so they stay in business. I will probably upgrade to V18 when it is released have a play with it and then and then put it away as I have done with V17, because I won't be able to risk using it.


von Al - am 05.04.2013 14:32
Hi everybody

at this point in time, the french version still does not contain all new features announced for it...

So wishing for the US version when the french one is not finished (and according to the french forum with quite a few bugs not yet resolved) may not be the wisest thing :-(

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.04.2013 15:01
Hi Al,

exactly the same I think, would have no Problem to pay for an update just with all the bugs fixed. I use V16 and bougth it because of the calendar control in an edit field. I could use that in nearly every third window of my app. Actually that is not usable, I already told it to PCSOFT, because when opening the calendar a second, a third time and so on, the calendar grows in size until to be bigger than the Screen. So I am patiently waiting for Version which definitely had fixed the things I need and then will give some new Euros.

my 2 Cents


von Erik Schwarz - am 05.04.2013 15:37
Hi Al,
I agree with you completely!

Just recently I discovered that in the Version 01A170078p my reported e-mail bug is not solved in the public version!
So I copied the old DLL's (bug fix from PCSOFT) back in the WINDEV directory. After that I could e-mails again correctly received.
I suspect that the version 18 includes the bug again!

I do not understand the politics of PCSOFT to destroy such a great product with unresolved bugs.



von tomkra - am 05.04.2013 20:45
And what about keep using WX16/17 on Win8 ?

Do we really need Wx18 to keep our clients using our actual Apps for their new win8 pcs ?

Any advice about it ?



von James Smiths - am 05.04.2013 21:24
Hello James

I have clients using V16 programs (not touch screen apps) in XP, Vista and Windows7 in both 32 and 64 bit with no problems. I also have a couple of clients using Windows 8 (not sure if it is 32 or 64bit) but they have had no pronlems either.

The only problems I have had come from Microsoft when they change various aspects of MS Office so that maybe the integration with Outlook gets a bit flaky but in those cases I have switched to using smtp for emailing.

(Edited after reading Guenters comments - to explain I am referring to Windev programs running in Windows 8 and not metro style "apps" )


von Al - am 05.04.2013 22:15
Hi, it depends, as it always does ..

- Win8 apps are installable through Microsoft Store only. You have to pay 30% commission to M$ for approving and hosting of your Win8-app. If your turnover exceeds US$ 25.000,- then they'll take 20% commission. Certainly, there are apps / scenarios where you will think about relying on MS Store.

- Imho, generic Win8 apps have to be touch-enabled. WinDev 18 allows for making Metro-style apps, testing them locally and submit them to MS Store. WinDev mobile 18 allows for making / testing apps for Windows Phone 8 and marketing them through MS Store too.

Regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 06.04.2013 08:28
Hi Tom, I'm very sure that this bug fix will be contained in v18. Regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 06.04.2013 08:31
I see an update for windev18 fr on ftp site date :28 march 2013

von ccc2 - am 07.04.2013 09:08
Thanks Al for your response


von James Smiths - am 08.04.2013 01:37
Hello to you all,

If my French is good enough then the French site says that you should NOT deliver an application with this new version and wait for the final version.
So they are fixing bugs.
Thanks to all the French users.

von Frans - am 08.04.2013 07:14
Yeah, they are still at work. In the past years they removed this warning several times without updating the current version. It's a matter of precaution, means, they still do the testing and in case of bugs found they will release another update. If most tests passed ok, they just will remove the warning and that's it. Kind regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 08.04.2013 07:42
When is the release date?

von ccc2 - am 08.04.2013 13:23
My crystal ball's currently out of order, sorry!

von GuenterP - am 09.04.2013 04:49
Hi everybody

Yeah, they are still at work. In the past years they removed this warning several times without updating the current version. It's a matter of precaution, means, they still do the testing and in case of bugs found they will release another update. If most tests passed ok, they just will remove the warning and that's it. Kind regards, Guenter[/quote]

Actually, it's not exactly that... For the french version we have each time TWO versions with the same major number (currently in 56d, and we will have shortly a 56 f or j or l)

The difference between the two:
56d has been submitted to the first level of quality control, ie AUTOMATED tests (mostly non regression tests)... Each time one of those first level of quality control is offered on the web site, you get the warning message, NOT FOR PRODUCTION...

Then the pcsoft quality control team works on manual tests (and early birds developer report bugs too)... Everything/anything obvious at this point is corrected in the few days following the version creation, and we get the second level of quality control version, whihc is "OK for production"

BUT, because there is a but... It doesn't mean it's bug free or even complete (as in: all the features described in the commercial brochure are available)...

By example, this year, we had:
- wx18-35 (called pre-version, begin/middle of december), with only ONE sub version for this one.
-wx18-36 (called final version, middle/end of december), with 2 subversions
- wx18-46 (end of february) with 2 subversions
- wx18-56 (end of march) with currently only the first subversion published

And with all that, wx18 is still neither complete nor bug free...

Hope this will help you understand the incremental process that the french version is going through...

By comparison, most of the time, I have seen one US version coming out around May, with a second and final version during the summer (each of those corresponding also to a new french version), not long before the comemrcial brochure for the NEXT version arrives, around september...

ADDENDUM: I just found out that version 56f was published yesterday (second level of validation)...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.04.2013 12:50
Hi Guenter,

No wonder. That seems to be a PCSoft crystal ball (possibly supplied as a "goodie" with some earlier version of Wx?:-)


von Ola - am 09.04.2013 12:51
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