.net assembly import in webdev problem

Startbeitrag von TODD ( Beaulieu of A).pcs.crosspost am 14.03.2013 16:33

I just had bad problems with my laptop and they had to reload. Hardware:(. So I installed everything-frameworks my .net stuff C++ runtim and all folders from previous pc.
When I bring up WebDev dev environment 2 of the 5 assemblies that I have imported into the project do not have the arrow on the left to see the functions of the class that I imported. I tried deleting,search and readding…that didn’t work.
Is there something I’m missing here that allows 3 of the 5 to show the functions under the imported dlls but not the2 that I really need?...Ugh.

net assembly imported does not show the subfunctions as the other imported assemblies

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