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[WD16] Bar code prints OnTestMode but not in executable

Startbeitrag von Ola am 15.03.2013 08:16

Hi All,

Last year I was struggling to make a WD16 bar code control (code 128) work in a a report,


and finally it seemed to work OK, except for one thing: it only prints OnTestMode, but not in the executable, not in the development machine, not in other machines (XP, W7).

The cpl directory has been cleared and the app repaired a hundred times since then so "the standard exe problem fix" does not help, that funny bar code still does not print in the exe.

Any hints?



Hello Ola

What exactly isn't working ?
when you send the report to the printer,does the report actually print but there is a blank where the bar code should appear, does it crash when it gets to that point or does it print the string of characters as text but not as bar codes ?

I always thought that printing a bar code was just a matter of specifying the appropriate bar code font to use and that in the report writer you would just nominate that control to print using the barcode font and fill the control with the appropriate value and it would magically transform that value into vertical bars.

Some light reading that may help but is probably totaly irrelevant :)


von Al - am 15.03.2013 10:17
Hi Ola

Sounds to me like a DLL is missing in your exe/install package... Check that wd160barc, wd160img and wd160img2 are present. The first one IS necessary, and as a barcode is actualy built as an image, it's possble that the other two are necessary too

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.03.2013 12:50
Hi Al & Fabrice

@Al: The problem appeared so that there simply was no bar code image visible, neither in the preview nor in the actual paper print-out.

@Fabrice: You are right. Wd160barc.dll was missing from my distribution set, and as soon as I added it, the bar code became visible and printed properly. The image dlls wd160img and wd160img2 were there already. Thank you!


von Ola - am 15.03.2013 14:19
have you tried this code 128 barcode?

von cindy313 - am 23.09.2013 09:08
so can code 128 font help ?Integrate with Microsoft Windows, Pocket PC, Macintosh, Unix, Linux and other operating systems

von mariah - am 08.11.2013 09:30
Hi, sorry, 128 barcodes do work in WinDev out of the box! Definitely. There are no additional controls etc necessary. I have a bunch of programs, all of them do print 128 barcodes (SSCC-stickers for palettes) directly to paper!!

Just a code snippet from printing it. SSCC is the modulo 10 check digit


von GuenterP - am 08.11.2013 10:31
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