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[WD17] Native XML Access

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 20.03.2013 08:37

Hi guys,

Anyone tried to do this? Described here: http://doc.pcsoft.fr/en-US/?9000029&name=native_xml_access&q=xml

When I tried it, it gives the error:

Unable to connect to C:\Project...\File.xml
Unable to connect to C:\Project...\File.xml database
native XML access error.
Error Number = 1006
Unable to open XML C:\Project...\File.xml file.
System error message:
Row 11331, Column 21: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding!
Bytes: 0xB5 etc...

Does anyone do their XML prcessing this way? Is it worth me trying to get to the bottom of this issue?

I ask because I'm looking for a fast way to load XML data and retain the structure of the data, but it seems that there may be underlying problems - is this WD being a bit "flakey" or the people producing the file?


Hi Darren,

Does the first line of the xml file have the encoding properties set? E.g.:


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 20.03.2013 15:36
Hi Peter,

Yes, almost the same as you stated:

As a test, I tried it with M$ InfoPath with the same XML file as the data source, and guess what? The same error with a bit more info:

An invalid character was found in text content.

Line 11331, Position 21

( curly brackets instead of GT/LT)

Ahh, just opened the file in Notepad++ - it's the value immediately after the "0.8" that's causing the problem I think! It has some kind of control chars in there that look like "xB5" and "xB0" which is probably some kind of Hex char? If I look at it in context - the xB0 seems to be the "degree" symbol.

Yep - that's got it! Remove those chars and WD goes to the next step of the wizard :spos:

von DarrenF - am 20.03.2013 19:26
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