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[WB 17] Show content of RTF Field

Startbeitrag von Mauricio am 20.03.2013 13:34

I have a Windev project where I'm editing/showing a rtf field. It's a varbinary(max) in SQL. I can, of course, change fonts, sizes, colors, etc. and I can even paste images inside the field and everything is working fine.
Now I have to show that field in a web page, I've tried with RTFtoHTML and "almost" works fine, text is showed but not the pasted images.
Has anyone a solution/suggestion for this?
Thanks in advance.



Hi Mauricio

I doubt there will be any automatic system... So to achieve what you want, I would first look inside the RTF field HOW the images are stored...

I'm guessing it's some kind of base64 system... Once that is know, I would process the rtf content the following way:
- find each image
- extract the image as an external file with a specific name
- store the text before and after the image, so as to be able to find its position once the text is tranformed in html
- do the rtftohtml
- find the position for the image and insert the corresponding html tag, pointing to the external image file...

I woul jus change the windew project so as to directly create the content as HTML :-)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.03.2013 13:59
Thanks for the tips, Fabrice. I like the OR option :)

von Mauricio - am 20.03.2013 14:02
Hi again,
Fabrice, I tried to use the HTML option. I can edit the HTML field with Windev without any problem, here is an image: (image)
However, when I try to see that field with WB, I can only see the text. (WebDev image).
What am I missing? I tried with a static HTML, an edit HTML and a HTML control.
Thanks for your help.


von Mauricio - am 22.03.2013 10:32
I know what's the problem. Html control is saving the path to the image, when I try to see it with the web application can't find them.
Let's see how to fix this :).

von Mauricio - am 22.03.2013 13:02
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