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Syntax unclear

Startbeitrag von Stef.pcs.crosspost am 22.03.2013 11:01

Hi All,

I use an ini file when opening a window:
sPathout = INIRead("SERVER", "PATH_OUT", "", fCurrentDir()+"\ASIWEB.INI")
This works fine.

However when I move the ini file to another location and change the code to:
sPathout = INIRead("SERVER", "PATH_OUT", "", "\\ServerName\Folder"+ "\ASIWEB.INI")
an empty value is returned indicating "not found".

I am 100 % sure of the existance of the server and the path, of the correct NTFS settings and of the correctness of the ini file itself. When I hardcode the path it is useable. So I must be doing something wrong with the syntax.
Can anyone see whats wrong ?


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Try fFileExists first to see if the file is really accessable and maybe it will give you some more info (in case it fails)

von Arie - am 22.03.2013 11:52
Thanks Gautam,

I will check out the issue you posted earlier.

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von Stef.pcs.crosspost - am 25.03.2013 10:03
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