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variable web links in pdf's possible?

Startbeitrag von RichardRose1 am 22.03.2013 19:55

I need to produce a pdf let say a Sales Enquiry or Sales Order Confirmation pdf and the item descriptions listed in the PDF is a hyperlink to the items product info webpage.

Iem 1 - Mercedes E65 AMG would link to www.mercedes.com/amg65
Item 2 - Porsche 911T would link to www.porsche.com/991t

Is this possible, if so any ideas? I have seen the Link facility but this only caters for a fixed web address as far as I can see.

Likewise can I change the PDF document properties so the PDF can be printed but not copy text from it, and change the author details programmatically as well so it shows the Users details and is there a signing facility so all PDF's can be digital code signed with a cert for authenticity?



Hi Richard

AFAIK, nothing in windev wil allow you to do any of this. To go further than the built in PDF functionallities, I've seen several developers on the french forum are using external PDF tools, much more advanced in that aspect. A simple search on the french forum should give you some good leads

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.03.2013 11:40
Thats a shame but not the end of the world becuase so far its the only thing I have found which I can do in Clarion out of the box but cant in Windev without needing a 3rd party addon.

von RichardRose1 - am 24.03.2013 12:42
Hi Richard,

I think I've seen that plain text that contains an url in a report printed to pdf will be clickable in the resulting pdf.
So depending on the type of report you may try to add a table column or a static by programming to display the proper url and see what happens if you export it to pdf. The only drawback is that you cannot display a different description for the link than the url itself.


von Piet van Zanten - am 25.03.2013 06:53
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