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Startbeitrag von RichardRose1 am 22.03.2013 19:57

I cant seem to be able to log into the site I'm not recognised and I cant recover the password becuase the system says it cant find my email address, yet when I create a post like this one I cant use my email address as its already registered to a user.

Any ideas why I cant log in, I have activated the web link in the email sent out after I registered?


Hi Richard, indeed, the domain name of your originally used e-mail address cannot be found on the web! Thus it's rejected. Please use a valid e-mail address! Thank you! Guenter

von GuenterP - am 23.03.2013 05:57
I've just checked and the domain name I thought I used (isv1.com) is still registered until Jan 2015, I dont have a website up for it though, does that matter?.

von RichardRose1 - am 23.03.2013 10:49
Hi Richard, just register with a valid mail-address, e.g. take one frome http://www.mail.com/int/ that should work just fine. Maybe, mysnip just checks for the existence of the domain? Kind regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 23.03.2013 12:06
If mysnip has anything to do with 1and1 then maybe my ownership of the domain name avoid1and1.co.uk might have something to do with it. I've had bad & costly dealings with 1and1 so I wont touch them with a barge pole. :)

von RichardRose1 - am 24.03.2013 09:06
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