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ODBC HF drivers not working in Windows 7 64-bit

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 22.03.2013 21:51

I just moved to Windows 7 64-bit and was going to test with HF ODBC interface from Java. I installed the program that was supposed to install the ODBC driver and DSN. I went to edit the ODBC and got an error saying "The setup routines for the HyperFileSQL ODBC driver could not be found. Please reinstall the driver."

I did reinstall multiple ways but still get the same error. The registry points to valid WD170kHFO.dll but it still does not work nor does the ODBC sources show any HyperFileSQL drivers.

The drivers install in my VM Windows 7 32-bit, but I can't run WinDev debug there.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you fix it?



Hi Jeff

If I remember correctly, there is no such thing as a 64 bits ODBC driver for HF... Only the 32 bits version.

There is, however an OLEDB driver for both 32 and 64 bits... Maybe you can use it?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.03.2013 22:45
Hopefully PC-Soft are going to produce a 64bit ODBC driver for HF as I have heard rumours Microsoft are abandoning OLEDB for ODBC?


von Steve M - am 22.03.2013 23:04
Fabrice and Steve, thanks for your replies.

Fortunately, this issue is only in my development as all the deployment sites are currently 32-bit.

I have tried to use OLEDB but my scanner interfaces are written in Java. PC Soft tells me OLEDB cannot be used with Java. I could write a JNI interface to WinDev but that exceeds my technical capabilities at this time.

The real root of the problem with finger and palm scanner interfaces to WX is that there is no easy way to pass byte arrays to and from external programs, Java in particular. I can easily store them in Access or MSSQL but all our other data is in HF so I want to store the byte array data in HF as well. I am able to read the data using ODBC but to write the data, I have to leave it in a file and signal WinDev to put the data in a binary field with fLoadText. Fortunately, this is only done during enrollment so it is acceptable.

The OLEDB drivers are also not fully implemented versions so I was unable to write byte arrays to HF in C# either. (My C#, C++, and .NET capabilities are VERY limited.) However, PC Soft confirmed that their drivers are not full implementations and that you can't write binary fields that way either. You can read but not write. I also could not find a way to transfer byte arrays to/from WX from C#. PC Soft did confirm that you can't do that in C# or Java.

Fabrice, you are correct that there seem to be no PC Soft 64 ODBC drivers. They do install drivers in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\PC SOFT\17.0\ODBC folder so I would think that Windows 7 64-bit would use the 32-bit version but maybe not. The ODBC sources show a Microsoft driver SQLSRV32.DLL in a path showing "x86". This makes me think a 32-bit driver could work. For now, I will do my testing in VM 32bit or on a 32-bit test machine.

Sorry for the long message but it is a quick summary of a lot of frustration with PC Soft who say they fully interface with .NET and Java. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


von Jeff Graham - am 23.03.2013 14:06
Hi Jeff

AFAIK, a 32 bits EXE will use the 32 bits driver, even in a 64 bits OS.. So if you test in a 32 bits program, you should be good... Now it's possible that the test environment wont let you do that and that you will need to test in exe 32 bits mode instead...

Also, about interfacing between different things... I found out that it's sometime much easier to forget about the built in thing and develop a name/value webservice with webdev, where you can encode your binary content in mode 64 and transmist, then decode and do what you need...

To do that, you need a web server (included in windows), webdev server 10 connexion (free) and webdev to develop the service. On any external tool, you just need the capapbility of doing a httprequest, which is pretty common.

Maybe it's a solution that would work for you.

Finally about fingerprint readers, I'm not sure what your need is, but I was able to interface very easily with the hamster IV from secugen...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.03.2013 16:24
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