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WD17 code editor

Startbeitrag von John Marrone Jr am 23.03.2013 18:20


When I am writing code in the code editor the WD command words will just go to lower case and when I hit the enter key or delete a blank line or just almost anything the commands will go back to upper case. Is this a WD hangup or do I have something not configured properly? It just gets a little irritating after a period of time programming. It has always done this I think. I just thought since I was posting another topic on the forum I would ask and see if others are having this problem. And if so did you find a fix??

Thanks for any help.



This, amongst other irritants, has happened since the editor became 'more refined' in V16

I believe it is now trying to do to much and therefore gets confused.especially when the window contains a lot of code.

I have mentioned this to others only to be told that this is some kind of OCD on my part;) - still find it irritating .

von DerekT - am 23.03.2013 19:03
Hello John

For me the editor is just one of the more unstable items in V17 and I have dropped back to V16 and am skipping V17. In terms of the code editor, as Derek said, it is trying to do too much in that incredibly short space of time between typing each letter. As well as the issue you raised, it also looses the side and bottom scroll bars until you grab the bottom of the window and resize the window slightly, but it has done this for quite a few versions without ever being fixed. I can crash Windev quite easily by trying to copy and paste a large block of code, now I copy small blocks into notepad and then copy from there into a code window, once again in small blocks.
I would much prefer to ask it to do things like checking for the impact of changes, or perhaps do them automatically as part of the code save.

The problems in the code editor, along with the inexplicable inability to set defaults for the editors - NO I do not want my currency fields to have the + currency symbol as the default setting - are the daily frustrating negative time offsets to the brilliant things in Windev that are very fast, that slow me down from developing 10 times faster to about 3 times faster.

Having said that, one extra thing I would like the code editor to do (and I have suggested this to tech support a few times) is to append the opening statement of a conditional set of instructions as a comment onto the closing statement

.eg. When I type If HReadSeekFirst(File,Index,Whatever), when I hit return, an END is automatically created on the next line. What I want is for the End to be written as END //If HReadSeekFirst(File,Index,Whatever). So simple, so obvious (to me ), and they are already doing part of it so why not do it properly so the code is self documenting ?


von Al - am 24.03.2013 02:05
Hello to you all,

What realy is frustrating is that the size off the code-editor is not remembered. So when I have a little code then each time when I re-open the code it is full size on the screen covering other screen and code.
Ihope they wil have this in W18

von Frans - am 24.03.2013 20:23
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