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Make tabs on right wider - How?

Startbeitrag von RichardRose1 am 24.03.2013 22:29

I've got a sheet/pane with tabs going down on the right hand side.

How do I adjust the width?

ATM I cant see all the text in each tab so need to make it wider but cant find any way to do this.



Hello Richard,

I think the options available to you are limited to creating a vertically orientated graphic for each tab title or creating captions with each letter separated by a carriage return:

Tab[1]..caption = "F"+cr+"r"+cr+"e"+cr+"d "
Tab[2]..caption = "J"+cr+"o"+cr+"e "


von Al - am 24.03.2013 23:27
Hello Richard,

in special cases we set spaces bevore or behind the text. It works, if you use ALT + 0160 for this.


von Christoph Erdmann - am 25.03.2013 07:52
Hi Richard

before I forget :

- as you are now posting on a forum that is mixed windev/webdev/windev mobile and ALL versions, it would be a good idea to start your post by stating which product/version the question is related too... Here, I suppose that it is WinDev 17.

- Also, as much as you can, try to use the pcsoft vocabulary, so as to reduce the chances that answer will talk about something else entirely :-)... Here I suppose that you have a TAB control in a window (there is no such thing as a sheet/pane in any of pcsoft products), that you set your tab header to be on the right, and that you want to increase their width

If I'm right in my supposition, then, select your tab control by doing s imple clic on it. Handles will appear, when you use the external/righ handles, the whole tab control size is modfied. But when you use THE internal/righ handle (there is only one, in the middle(vertically) of the tab, on the line separating the tabs from the header), then the width of the tabs is modified.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.03.2013 12:03
I'll give it another go to see if can get these right hand sided tabs as wide as need them.

BTW Fabrice the Pane is a term I have encountered with Windev only, in Clarion I call them a sheet & tab.

von RichardRose1 - am 27.03.2013 19:44
I went into the styles for the sheet/tab control and I can use Tab Left without any problems, ie I can resize them but I dont seem to have a Tab Right style, does one exist?

To be clear the tabs extend horizontally with the tab text going across the screen horizontally not vertically.

There is a Tab Right style but its got its text aligned vertically.

Am I missing a style or is there a way to edit the styles ourselves?


von RichardRose1 - am 28.03.2013 20:18
Hi Richard

AFAIK, there is no SHEET in windev :-)

Also, resizing tha tab is NOT done in the style tab, it's done directly in the editor... Single clic on the tab to select it, and you'll see the HANDLES I was talking about

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 29.03.2013 12:57
See example .. a picture is worth ..

von GuenterP - am 29.03.2013 15:53

The handles will only appear if there is no graphic image specified in the Details > "Image of the panes" section of the editor.


von Al - am 29.03.2013 17:02
I'm not seeing the blue dot/handle here maybe becuase I might have some graphic image specified, I'll check this out. Thanks to all.

von RichardRose1 - am 30.03.2013 10:08
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