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Startbeitrag von Allard am 27.03.2013 14:17

Hi I am working on a webdev app in AWP Mode. I found some odd stuff going on. In the looper.
I have a catalog with products. Based on a search ( query) the looper is filled with the products that have met the search criteria.
Now I want to sort on the looper. I want the user be able to sort on the price ascending and descending.
So I made a query which looks at some parameters where I want to sort on.
I Delete the looper contend
After query is run I fill up the looper again based on the sort that is selected. In a combo the user can select the ascending or descending price.
Ok so far All goes fine except I found some odd stuff going on. When I select ajax then the looper is displayed with 1 product per row and not all products are loaded up. However the sort on the Price is doing alright.
If I disable the ajax then all products show( 4 products per row ) but the sort on the price is somehow per row.
I use the same sort of query without the sort. The query itself returns exactly what I want . It is the looper that is doing odd things.
Anybody a solution for this?



Hi Allard,

It depends on how you pass the sort when the page is redisplayed.
It should go something like:

//submit code
sUrl is string=StringBuild("PAGE_Catalog.AWP?sort=%1&direction=%2,"product","asc")
//in the global declarations of the page
//now fill your looper


von Piet van Zanten - am 27.03.2013 17:23
maybe this is interesting for you, from our US friends:

Uncle Pete's Corner returns this Friday at 7:15AM CST (5:15 AM PST) starting with a series of webinars covering WebDev Loopers. This week will be a overview and primer, but before the series is done we will be covering some very advanced WebDev Looper concepts.


von Arie - am 27.03.2013 22:08
Thanks all,

Well it seems I made no mistakes I did the moast of the testing with the Opera Browser and it seems to be that that was the problem. Internet explorer / Monzilla/ Chrome all work just fine.

It seems webdev doesnot always work with all the browsers. I guess



von Allard - am 05.04.2013 17:09
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