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Problem with analysis

Startbeitrag von David am 15.10.2008 10:11

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my analysis. When I try change anything in my tables, I am getting following error.

Error initializing the query
Unable to open file

System Error Details:
Access is denied.

When I try use Hadd I am getting this:

file is read-only. Unable to perform the operation.

Pcsoft Support told me I should close the WebDev administrator before generating the analysis.

I tried and nothing. The problem is the same. I have also turn off webdev and turn on again before changing my tables.

Did anybody here have that problem.


Hi David,

Have you tried repairing or updating the project?


von Glenn Rathke - am 15.10.2008 12:05
I tried both! Nothing

von David - am 15.10.2008 12:56
Hi David,

The first thing you need to do when you start seeing file issues like this is run Process Explorer from sysinternals (now part of Microsoft) and search for the filename in question. This will show you what program has the file open and you should also be able to terminate any open file handles.


von KenKnight - am 15.10.2008 23:13
Hi all,

I have done a few test and I hope that can explain more.

PcSoft support said

This file is in use by a process. If it is not the Administrator, you may try to use a process explorer tool in order to find which program is holding the file. Such a tool is available from :


I tried but any of my files are not holding in any program or process.

Another thing is my experience with WebDev which is poor but "Rome wasn’t built in a day" so I am learning a lot and I hope you can show me the right way. I should explain everything at the beginning of my post but I didn't realize that will be a huge problem.

So, I am creating a website (online shop). All my data is coming from database. I am using WebDev 12. I've chosen Dynamic Project with AWP. For identification my users I am using global variable created when they are first time connecting to my website. Have a look following code:

gnSessionID = gnDate+gnTime

Everything was great, all my users had a unique SessionID but I have a still problem with that analysis. All of my pages were with option "Generation in AWP mode (without context)". When I turned off that option I don't have any problem with my analysis, but every time when I refresh website I have a new sessionID which is unacceptable.

I have checked one example WW_Blogs_AWP. When I opened that example in my browsers (IE7.0, Mozilla 3.0) and tried create new account I have got following error (same as my before) which is very weird.

Member file is read-only. Unable to perform the operation.
- What happened?
file is read-only. Unable to perform the operation.

I am very confused now:

1. Which project will be the best for me?
2. What is the best idea to identify my users?
3. Should I use option "Generation in AWP mode (without context)" ?

If you guys can help me I will appreciate.

I am going to install WebDev on other machine with Vista instead XP. Will see.


von David - am 17.10.2008 10:33
some problems with connection


von David - am 17.10.2008 10:36
some problems with connection


von David - am 17.10.2008 10:42
I've found it.

The problem was with permission. I have changed settings in my ISS server and now is working great

von David - am 17.10.2008 10:43
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