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Searching on Composite keys

Startbeitrag von JP am 31.03.2013 11:35

Hi All,

Using WinDev 17

I'm having some confusing results with searching on a composite key. I have a file that has a composite key based on 2 text items; one is 20 characters in length, the other 30. I want to search on this key. I can see 3 options:

1) Search on Complete( MyString1, 20 ) + Complete( MyString2 , 30 )

HReadSeekFirst( MyFileName , MyCompositeKey , Complete( MyString1, 20 ) + Complete( MyString2 , 30 ) )

This works OK!

2) Search using the HBuildKeyValue() function to build the search key:

MySearchKey is buffer = HBuildKeyValue( MyFileName , MyCompositeKey , MyString1 , MyString2 )

HReadSeekFirst( MyFileName , MyCompositeKey , MySearchKey )

This does not work for me?

3) Search using the recommended method for building the composite search key:

HReadSeekFirst( MyFileName , MyCompositeKey, [ MyString1 , MyString2 ] )

This does not work for me?

The file uses encryption and has various other items and keys.

What am I not understanding in respect of the last 2 search options?



Hello JP

Windev has never seemed a straightforward as it could be with composite keys and over the years several methods have been introduced and some have been discarded - see the many convert() options.

Option 2 should work if you declare your "MySearchKey" variable as a string instead of a buffer.

Option 3 should work as HReadSeekFirst( MyFileName , MyCompositeKey ,[Complete( MyString1, 20 ), Complete( MyString2 , 30 )] )

I get the most consistent results by using HbuildKeyValue()


von Al - am 31.03.2013 22:35
Thanks Al. I can make it work if I use the Complete() function to ensure the strings are the matching size to the file items. I will stick with doing that. Thanks.

von JP - am 02.04.2013 11:08
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