HFCS control center doesn't show actual recordcount

Startbeitrag von Frans am 03.04.2013 18:55

Hello to you all,

I have a mantaserver up and running.
Now I have manually replaced a fic and ndx file.
I stopped the manta server in the control center and started it again and tried a refreh(general pane).
Problem: The description tab doesn't show the right number of active records.
It stil sees the old number from.
How can I get the right number of records without restarting the whole sbs-server?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Frans, you can't simply copy a file into the BDD directory, you have to import or at least to reindex it. Regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 03.04.2013 19:55
Hi Guenter,

Thanks for your answer. I know that I can't just copy a file to a running database but I thought there was a kind of 'update, reorder, refresh' button or something like that.
The reindex didn't work. I deleted the file and imported it again.

von Frans - am 03.04.2013 20:14
Hi Frans,

I think you can also do it with HcopyFile(Servername:PortNumber, etc etc)
look in the help files.
This week i had the same problem in my opinion.
I did not restart the databaseserver.
Works fine...

Regards, Harry

von Harry W - am 04.04.2013 19:04
Hello Harry,

Thank you for your answer.
Good to hear that there are more ways to do it.

von Frans - am 04.04.2013 20:28
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