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WD12: Opened documents

Startbeitrag von Chris L am 17.10.2008 00:18

Working in WD12, main environment. Project, analysis, windows, code, all appear on the 'opened documents' bar at the bottom of the screen so that one can easily switch back and forth between these elements.

But I seem to have a problem in WD12 which I have put up with for a while but it's now become a real annoyance.

When I open the code for a button say, or open up the code for a procedure, it appears in a new window and on the 'opened documents' bar. Fine. But now if I open up a second window, say the code for another button or procedure, the first window automatically closes. This means I can't just flick back and forth between the code of two or more buttons, procedures, windows, whatever. (I can open up a procedure in a new window if I right-click on the procedure name and choose the option to open in a new window but that's not available for most code.)

This has always been available in the past so I figure it must be some setting I've missed, or something simple I've missed but I just can't find it.

Anyone set me on the right track please? Much appreciated.

Chris L
Melbourne, Oz


Hello Chris

There is a "recycle code window" option that controls this, but you need to be editing code to see the option.

When you are in a code edit window go to the "Display" menu option in the project editor window and untick the "Recycle code Window" option


von Al - am 17.10.2008 03:50
Many, many thanks, Al. It now works just as I want.

So easy when you know how but so frustrating when you don't. I wish I asked much sooner.

Thanks again.

Chris L

von Chris L - am 17.10.2008 04:16
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