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[WM17] Deploying using xcode 4.5 or higher...don't

Startbeitrag von Chris du Toit am 07.04.2013 23:35

Hi - just posting this here in case it helps someone else.

I upgraded my xcode to 4.6 and as a result was unable to build a WM generated app for the iphone.

Fortunately I found this french blog article from PCSOFT that details the error and the solution. The solution is not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it does work. I had to roll back my xcode to 4.4. The current PCSOFT libraries are not compatible with the current architecture for the new iphone builds.

So by downgrading to 4.4 I could still deploy a app to an iphone running 6.1.

Here is the link:


Happy coding


Thanks for that info!

You don't have a technique for using xcode with a Mac by any chance? [[2]]

von Geoff B - am 09.04.2013 13:14
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