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[WD14] Handling multi counter POS system using HFCS

Startbeitrag von Mujahid am 08.04.2013 02:00

Hello all,

This is my first time using HFCS for my pos system. Because the database is shared for many counter, I have many issue on it.

1)How to handle cash transaction on each counter. At my current situation, the sales report summary for Counter A and Counter B is same because it using same/shared database. Should i remodified the database and placing the CounterName at all files? Then the report of each counter is filtered based on this CounterName. What is the best way?

2) By using HF classic, if i want to update the software, i just reinstall it then locate the database for auto modification. But when im using HFCS and reinstall for update the software, then the process is stuck at some point. I have to disable the LAN connection and then it can be run. The database is not modified if i disable the LAN connection. How to solved this?

3) Before this my setting for hardware is using database. So all counter can be run if using same hardware only.But i was solved this using .ini file.
- The issue is how to protect the .ini file so someone cannot easily open it or change theinfo on it?
- What is the different function between .txt file and .ini file?

Thanks for the guidance.



Hi Mujahid

1. Offcourse. If you need to see realisation of your Counters , you need to insert new field into your database and write which Counter is make transaction.

2. If you need to update structure of your database and you use WD17 than you can look at HModifyStructure() , work with HF and HFCS.

3. You can also try to use RegistryExist(),RegistryQueryValue(),RegistrySetValue()
In this way you can easy set-up every PC, crypt data, but you can also Export/Import this part of registry into another PC.


von ICI - am 08.04.2013 07:10
Hi mujahid,

I using mysql and hf classic together. Hf classic i use to stored configuration settings

von ccc2 - am 08.04.2013 13:21
Hi CCC2,

Actually if im using standalone installation to the computer, then the configuration setting for hardware and else is based on the HF classic. I though that at the same time, the system only can be run using one database type only. How do you handle that? Can share some coding or tips?

Thanks a lot.


von Mujahid - am 08.04.2013 14:22
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