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WB17 - MySQL Native Access - SOLVED!

Startbeitrag von Geoff B am 10.04.2013 05:24

I'm trying to create an analysis for a new php project by importing an existing mysql database.

1. I have installed the mysql native driver.
2. I have updated my "path" environment variable to include...
C:\WebDev 17\Programs\Engine\PHP\bin
3. I have made sure that libmysql.dll is in that folder
4. When this failed, I have copied the Xampp mysql version of libmysql.dll to the same folder.

I still get the attached error when I try to import the database.

Any idea what I can try??

I can run the "Blogs" example application and it connects to my database, but it uses an analysis based on Hyperfiles, and I want to use an existing mysql database for the analysis.

I am not running IIS.

Windows 7 64 bit
Xampp 1.7.7
[attachment 301 mysqlnative.png]


Re: WB17 - MySQL Native Access - no can do!

Hello Geoff

You need to install the LIBMYSQL.DLL file in the same directory where you install/deploy the executable files.


von Gianni Spano - am 10.04.2013 06:59

Re: WB17 - MySQL Native Access - no can do!

Last Minute.....

There are around the web a lot of different version of the LIBMYSQL.DLL file.
I remember, some year go, i had the same problem with Windev.

If you want, i can send you the version i'm using...
Pls, contact me at gmspano at tiscali dot it


von Gianni Spano - am 10.04.2013 07:02

Re: WB17 - MySQL Native Access - no can do!

you must be use a 64bit of LIBMYSQL.DLL, is different...

von Giovanni Carella - am 10.04.2013 07:18
Thanks for the tips!

I did a search for libmysql.dll 64bit and found some advice that said I needed to copy the libmysql.dll file into the c:\windows\SysWow64 folder.

I copied the libmysql.dll file from my mysql\lib folder to c:\windows\SysWow64 folder and now WebDev can connect ok to my database!

(I suspect that WebDev is running 64bit which is why the file needs to be copied to that folder - pretty sure the version of mysql I am using is the 32 bit version?)

von Geoff B - am 10.04.2013 10:49
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