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SOLVED -- IOS Problem

Startbeitrag von Cesar Flores am 11.04.2013 17:25

There is anyone who know how I can control the memory used in an iOS application in WM17!?

I have one application for iOS (iPad) this App has 10 screens, each screen has at least 10 input controls and few dropdown (secondary screen working like a) created for myself.

This application works well on the first two screens, but when I get to the third or fourth screen the application crashes and closes immediately.

I use too many files but I have no idea how close or stop using them when changing screen. I try using a Hopen () to open the file and hclose () to close it, also use the hcanceldeclaration () for queries but keeps crashing.

I suppose it's because the application reaches the memory limit allowed for one application in ios.

Could someone give me a light about how to freeing memory on WM17.

Some trick, a way or something that is strictly necessary to make one application for IOS and not fulfill the memory.

Best Regards


Re: IOS Problem

Hi Cesar

if I remember correctly a thread in a french forum, some (or all) of your problem could come from images used as window background. If you are using those, try removing them and testing...

If the problem disappear, I think there is a workaround by putting an image field with the image in it as background instead of the image directly in the window...

All that from the top of my head, so I hope this helps

There is also several threads on dealloc problems in IOS, with some objective C code you can use to dealloc your self...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.04.2013 18:28

Re: IOS Problem

thanks Fabrice.

i will try and share my results!

Best Regards

von Cesar Flores - am 11.04.2013 21:53

Re: IOS Problem

Hi All,

It is also worth mentioning that there are huge memory issues with older iPads running the latest builds of iOS. I have apps crashing left and right... none of them developed with WinDev.


von KenKnight - am 12.04.2013 02:55

Re: IOS Problem [SOLVED]

Hi all

i was having a lot of problems developing in IOS devices, caused by memory issues.

the thing is that i was not capable to use a dropbox (combobox) in IOS. so i was searching a thing to replace them and create my own dropdown list.

this list is conformed by (a button, a looper, and a new window).

To see the values for an specific button send parameters to the window and in the looper add the values for this button. (that was the same window for all the buttons). i have close 10 buttons (dropdown) in every window (6 different windows).

that means that i opened the same window at least 10 times just to complete the first screen (and that was for 6 windows). almost always in the thirth window the application crashes and closed. my feeling was that all those windows that i was opening. were not closed, and that was the problem.

after that, i discover that IOS has not garbage collector.

first i was using close() function to close the window, later i was using abandom() but nothing seems to works. everything points that my dropdown list (button, looper and window) were the problem.

after try almost everything, i choose recreate my dropdown list and now i just use the button and a looper (the same looper). this works like the first try but now i do not open a window every time that i use the button. now i only hide and show the looper control depending the position of the button.

this is working now.

and the finality of this post is just to inform that if you are developing for ios devices try to get your information in the least windows possibles, because you thing that all the windows that you opened were closed but it is not that way.

and one more thing. this is the way that i was using the dropdown list. if any one know a better way to do this in IOS y appreciate if you give me an advice.

Best Regards to all

(Forgive me if you dont understand my english)

von Cesar Flores - am 26.04.2013 13:58
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