WB17 - Login with Captcha then PageDisplay - partly resolved

Startbeitrag von Geoff B am 12.04.2013 07:37

Can anyone show me an example of a login form with a captcha that then opens a new page?

I found lots of login examples with no captcha, and a captcha example with no login (that doesn't open a page), but I need an example with all 3!

I can't get my head around what needs to go in the browser code and what needs to go in the server code so that everything works!

OK - figured it out

In actions for the login button I needed to run the server code.

In the browser code I called ...

nIDMember = AJAXExecute(Connection,EDT_LOGIN, EDT_PWD)

... as per the Association example app.

In the server code I call CaptchaVerify, then PageDisplay

Supplementary Question

Why can't I add CaptchaVerify() to the Connection procedure? When I do it stops working, and opens a blank page.

Ideally I want to validate the login and captcha all in the one place, if possible??


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