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Startbeitrag von Gary Williams am 12.04.2013 09:47

We are a small company with 3 staff on our help desk, we are currently looking to replace our helpdesk software and one of the options is obviously to write our own.

That got me thinking if anyone here has written one? and is interested on code sharing or licencing etc.



Hi Gary,

I wrote a contact / support management system with the ability to track activity to each person / company.

If it is of any use I can send over a link for you to download a copy.

If interested, I am sure we can come to some arrangement.


Mike Allison

von cardcoder - am 12.04.2013 10:37
Hi Mike,

Yes I would be interested, can you send me a link?

Many thanks


von Gary Williams - am 12.04.2013 10:40
Hello Gary

There have been a few discussions on the forum regarding internal help systems for the software which if well done can reduce the load on the help desk. Some of us use DR.Explain and other use the inbuilt Windev help model

In terms of help desk software, sometime ago I looked at HESK. I bought a copy ( it was only $40.00) and it showed a lot of promise but I got sidetracked onto other things and never pursued it. It offered tickets and a knowledge base. It would be interesting to see if it could be emulated in Webdev or if Webdev would import it


von Al - am 12.04.2013 10:50
Hi Gary,

Personal email sent to you.



von cardcoder - am 12.04.2013 10:51
Hi Gary,

I wrote a helpdesk software system which we used for 6 years in the IT department which I used to run.

I no longer work in the area but I still own the software. It contained performance reporting as well. It is currently in version 15 of Windev.

I am happy to send you some more information if you are interested and you could buy the whole package for a nominal amount as I no longer support it.


von Milton - am 12.04.2013 21:49
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