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data file in analyses but not in project explorer ??

Startbeitrag von Rudi Werner am 12.04.2013 11:16

Hello, one newbie question again !!

I create a table in the analyses but it is not visible an also not useable from the project explorer
How is this possible ????

thanks !!!


Hello Rudi

Files (not tables) that you create in the analysis are not physically created until either explicitly created by you in code with Hcreation() or HCreationIfNotFound() or automatically by the project on first use of the file if you have turned on that feature in the "Files" section of the project description.

You can also right click on the file description in the analysis window and there is an option to create the file - I presume it would do this in the EXE folder of the project.


von Al - am 12.04.2013 12:02
Hi Rudy,

have you generated the analysis after adding this file ?
It's the button with the red/white coloured flag.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 12.04.2013 12:12

I forgot something important to tell i think !!!
I work on a project with existing MYsql tables
TO be possible to work with the tables i create them in analyses
For all the files untill the last now when i created them in analyses there where visible in the project explorer under the tree point analyse

The last one that i create is not visible there only in the analyse itself it is visible

the table is ok because i have already a browse working on it !


von Rudi Werner - am 12.04.2013 12:14

Yes i did ! but this file does not come in the project explorer ????

von Rudi Werner - am 12.04.2013 12:30
StrangeStrange strange

Specially for a newbie

remove the table from the analyses recreate him and ooops

he is in the project explorer !!!

von Rudi Werner - am 12.04.2013 13:10
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