Thumbnail and WD17

Startbeitrag von Frans am 12.04.2013 21:38

Hello to you all,

As far as I could read there is no thumbnail for WD.
I have a SBS-server and it is a HFCS in a Wan (IP) .
So the server and the clients are many miles away.
I have pictures from over 3mb and there are thousands of them in a dictonary as solo (jpg) files. So not in a hfcs database.
My idea is to make an automatic procedure on the server that compresses the images to a kind off thumbnail (say 60x90 pixels) and store them in a hfcs binary file. In that way I have the large pictures and a fast thumbnail.

Am I thinking in the right direction or are there better solutions? How can I easily minimize the pictures?
Please gave me your opinion.
Thanks in advance.


Hello Frans

If you were able to move the data into an HFCS file binary memo, there is an auto generate function for thumbnails that may do what you want. There may also be other benefits for cataloguing and search if the pictures were stored inside the database.

You might also be able to create a process to open the original image in an image control on a window, use dResize to change its size into a second image control and then use dSaveimage to write the second smaller image to a file


von Al - am 13.04.2013 00:32
Hello All,

Thanks for your answer. I didn't know that there was an auto generate function for thumbnails for Wd. I thought there was only a thumbnail for Webdev.
I like the idea for generating a second smaller imgae.

von Frans - am 13.04.2013 21:28
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