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WD Mobile: Can not select framework mode

Startbeitrag von stefan.kern am 14.04.2013 21:39

Hi all,

may be someone can give me a hint:

While creating a WD Mobile EXE for winmobile 5.1 I can not select the options "use a set of renamed dlls" and "use a common renamed framework" .....

I have no idea why this options are greyed!
Has someone an idea?




Hi stefan

I don't know if we are in this case here, but not ALL options are supported for ALL target OSes/versions

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.04.2013 12:22
Hi Fabrice,

it worked when I compiled the exe the first times, then suddenly the options where greyed.

I think I changed some settings by mistake ..... but I can not find it.

Best Regards


von stefan.kern - am 15.04.2013 14:26
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