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[WD17] WDModFic, database update

Startbeitrag von Stefan Bentvelsen am 18.04.2013 14:00

I have a file in the analysis of my project that is copied from the analysis of another project, a year ago. Now I have expanded that file with two items, a boolean and a text item. The update via WDModFic, called from our software, returns True, but the file is not updated. Later I made ​​it through the analysis from the IDE. The file is updated now, but before that I got a message that the file does not belong to this analysis.

What does this mean? How can a file in my analysis not belong to that same analysis?

Other file changes were no problem at all.


No one ever had such a problem ?

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 19.04.2013 07:51
Hello Stefan,

You could try to delete the file from the analyses.
Repair the project.
Import it again into the analyses by pointing to the actual file.

von Frans - am 19.04.2013 07:57
I think, I found the reason why the file is not updated.
The analysis-GUID of the physical file is not the same as the analysis-GUID in the analysis description. The cause is that the physical file is also coming from the other project.

In the helpfile I saw an option at HModifyStructure(), hmsNoCheck, which does the update without any checks. I suppose, the modify-option in the analysis uses the same way. May be, in WDModFic is an similar option ?

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 19.04.2013 18:57

Re: [WD17] WDModFic, database update (SOLVED)

There is indeed an option for WDModFic that does the job: -noanaguid

I've inserted in the commandline and now it works OK.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 23.04.2013 06:54
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