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[Solved]Open Cash Drawer Star TSP100

Startbeitrag von Bart VDE am 19.04.2013 06:57


A question for the POS developers here :

I want to open a cash drawer connected to a Star TSP100 ticketprinter.
This printer is connected via USB, but it has also a tool to use a virtual serial port.

When using a virtual serial port, I can open the drawer with

sWrite(printerPort, Charact(7))

So far, so good.

Now I would like to use the printer without using a virtual serial port, with this code


In this case, the drawer opens, but the printer always feeds a little bit of paper and than cuts the paper.
Anyone has any idea to avoid this ?

Thx !



It was a setting in the driver that caused the problem.

von Bart VDE - am 24.04.2013 06:35
Thanks Bart. This post helped me find my error.

I also have the feed and cut problem. Do you happen to remember which setting this was? I have yet to find it.

von Curtis - am 23.02.2016 21:43
Hi Curtis,

See the setting below (sorry screenshot is in Dutch) :

In English :
Under the "Device Settings" tab :
Set "Page cut type" = no cut
Set "Document cut type" = No cut

With this setting you disable the cut command in the driver, so when you print a receipt, you have to send the cut command in your code.

von Bart VDE - am 27.02.2016 08:32
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