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WebDev 17 - How good is it?

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 20.04.2013 05:44

Greetings all,

While I have my beefs about WinDev and their support, I am finding out that their products seem to have what what I am looking with respect to web application development.

Here is the caveat. I have WebDev 15 and I was pretty dissappointed with it because WYSINWYG (WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT YOU GET) as opposed to WYSIWYG.

Can anyone kindly let me know if that is improved in version 17?

I ask because I have a new project to work on and I looked at IronSpeed which is touted as a good web application development product for database driven solutions. But of course the product cannot even call a web service. And I need to call a web service in my new web application.

And I need to call Google Maps to get the lat/long for addresses and plot them on a map. This appears NOT to work with WebDev 17. Apparently Google changed the API and instead of Windev sending me an email letting me know that I should download the latest version with the fix I am left hold the bag.

So before I cough up $905.00 USD for the WebDev 17 version can somone kindly tell me if it works well?

Here is what I would really like to know:

1) Does the function GoogleAddressToCoordinates work now?

I read in a post http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,154006 that it does NOT work and that a work around was required. I tried it in WB 15 and I could not make it work.

2) Do calls to .net web services work as well as they do in WDM 17? That would be a big help.

3) When you create Tab Controls do the titles show up correctly or do they change their position as often as you roll the dice?

Any other comments would be helpful.

Thanks all!!



Have a look at phpRunner.

My beef with WB17 is that it IS WYSIWYG, but it uses tables everywhere and half baked css.

WB18 claims to have better implementation of HTML5 and more use of css. As a new user I have already learned that WYRINWYG - what you read is not what you get ;-)

von Geoff B - am 20.04.2013 10:00

I not sure whether using table is bad .

I developed my fist web app in year 2000 where asp (not asp.net) is popular . back then everything is using table compare to now div is common . but to my surprise . my old web app (still running and using by one customer) still working right on current top 5 browser (IE, Chrome, FF, Opera, safari) . while div not that lucky .

von ccc2 - am 20.04.2013 18:05
Have a look at...

Responsive Website Design



The world has moved on from tables, and WB18 hopefully addresses that?

von Geoff B - am 21.04.2013 01:47
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