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Aligning Controls - WebDev 15 vs. WebDev 17

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 20.04.2013 06:07

Greetings all,

Tonight I spent a fair amount of time trying to line up a couple of controls on a single WebDev 15 page.

I was using the following controls:

a) Two edit controls
b) A calendar control
c) A listbox control (with times as 00:00, 00:15, etc.)
d) A list box control with number of passenger (1 through 6)
e) A list box control with three different car types

For the life of me, I can't get these controls to line up correctly!!! It looks 'okay', but I would not want my client to judge my work based on hours wasted on my part where the outside dimesions look okay, but the inside dimensions (which can't be found in the Modifier) are 'off'.

For the two edit controls there seems to be an outside dimension that you can change with the Modifier. But there there does not seem to be any way to control the inside of the text control using the Modifer. The outside of the text control seems to 'stick' to the grid. But the inside part of the control doesn't stick to anything.

So I really had trouble just making the two edit controls (EDT) line up correctly.

Then I created a drop down list box control for number of passengers and added it into the mix with the rest of my controls. Well, it seems almost impossible to get the caption part of the listbox control to match up with the caption of the EDT control. One is always a 1/2 a point bigger or smaller or the font is a bit stronger or fainter (it is not a matter of using bold or not). And it is not a matter of using a 1/2 point bigger or smaller font because that does not seem to be supported.

So can someone kindly tell me if there is a method to the madness to get controls to line up (inside and out)?

Does trying to align controls in WebDev 17 work better than in WebDev 15?




Yeah I'm confused by this too - I'm used to having a prompt as a separate control from the entry control.

In WB17 there is an alignment toolbar and there are different alignment buttons for the prompt and the entry control
[attachment 310 editalign.png]
[attachment 311 promptalign.png]

von Geoff B - am 20.04.2013 10:16
Hi Paul

I never had any problem aligning controls in any version of webdev, and nither in any version of windev, as the alignment toolbar Geoff is talking about has always existed, which means that any alignment is really only two clicks away...

In 17, the magnetic grid is offering more options than in previous versions, as far as I could "feel", but I'm generally not counting on it, using the alignment toolbar to align is still my preferred method.

Also, as a general rule, instead of fighting for hours to solve a problem, I suggest delving in the help file... In this case, the keyword "alignment" gives you all the options you seemed to have missed

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.04.2013 13:26
Thanks, Geoff.

That was really helpful. I didn't realize that the tool tips revealed support for aligning the internal portions of the controls. And the fact that there is no place to define them in the Modifier indicated to me that there was no support for it. I believe that if you can adjust the outside position of the control in the Modifier you should be able to adjust the inside as well.

Thanks Fabrice.

To your point, I did check the help and there is no discussion of the ability to modify the internal part of the control.

Anyway, now that I 'see' it, it is easy to adjust the internal part of the control.

Thanks for your help and comments!!

It really is appreciated.


von Paul Murray - am 20.04.2013 16:54
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